Get The Party Started…

New Year, who ‘dis?

Okay, so I decided to stop writing for a while because I ran out of things I wanted to talk about. Actually, that’s kind of a lie. I WANTED to talk about getting pregnant and my experiences as a mom-to-be but unfortunately, it still hasn’t happened yet.

Though the most recent attempt was pretty close. I mean, everything lined up perfectly, I even found a bottle of wine called “Fingers Crossed” that my future child’s beloved Gay Uncles helped me toast with the same day of the insemination. And come on, is there ever a better time of year for an immaculate conception than CHRISTMAS????

Alas, despite the fact that my ‘cervical mucus was on point’ (direct quote from my awesome turkey-baby basting nurse), no dice. No baby, either. Also, you’re welcome for that gross and awesome mental image.

Which would normally have me curled in a ball wishing that I liked whiskey enough to drown my sorrows but instead, I’m feeling remarkably positive. At the end of this month I’ll be having that heart procedure thing that will hopefully make it easier to be pregnant when the time comes AND walk a flight of stairs without sucking wind like I ran towards a sale at the Kate Spade outlet. Maybe I’ll be able to start exercising!


Wait, wait, I said ‘maybe’. Don’t rush me.

In other news, I’m being encouraged (read: forced) to keep writing (blogging, journaling, scripting, whatever) by someone a lot smarter than I am who thinks I could do some good by continuing to share things that I’m thinking. So I’m going to do my best to keep posting on a more regular schedule.

Or, y’know, whenever I feel like it. Heh. My apologies in advance.

Happy New Year, Peeps. As my girl Pink once said, ‘let’s get this party started’!!!

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