The DJ

So, I’m me.  Shannon.  Or, The Shanz, Shanny, Toots, whatever.

I’m the girl who has an awful lot to say about a bunch of different things.  Kind of like that one acquaintance you have who knows a little bit about a lot of things but never knows A LOT about any one thing in particular?  That’s… me.

I act but unless I’m on set and working, can you really consider yourself an acTOR?  If so, then yes,  I’m an actor.  I’m also a photographer, a writer, a film and television critic, a relationship guru, a personal counsellor, an NHL Couch Coach and a professional procrastinator.

I enjoy cooking and I post photos of my dishes primarily so that I can use those pictures as references when I can’t remember what ingredients I used.

I am an only child raising two very lovely parents.  They’re divorced and live in separate countries so I’m doing the best I can long distance – Dad has adapted well and appears to be functioning fairly well without my daily presence but I text him at least a few times a week  just to make sure he’s still breathing.  Mom is doing pretty good.  Since we started living together she hasn’t ONCE called the cops to report me as missing simply because I’m out of cell range.

Yes, Mom and I live together.  It works for us, shut up.

There is also a dog.  Riley.  He’s my parent’s favorite but I still consider myself an only child simply because we can’t claim him as a dependent.

I suffer from depression and anxiety and my right eye twitches when I spend too much time talking to stupid people.  I anticipate a large number of my posts will be about that.  I’ll probably also post a lot about the depression and anxiety as well.

OH! And I used to dance. So I guess I can add that to the list above?  Yes, I was a dancer.  Kind of.

My thoughts are mostly my own but I might reference stuff I’ve seen that caught my attention.  Also, the images are mine, ALL MINE, unless otherwise credited.

And so, please enjoy my random ramblings and word vomit. Happy Reading! (Also, feel free to drop me a line, I like hearing from people. Most of the time.)