Real talk time. 
Moms are not perfect. There is no legitimate handbook for childrearing. Mothers are human and fallible and they make mistakes every day. What makes them incredible is the way they wake up every morning ready to try again, to continue on and to do their absolute very best. That’s what moms do. They try 100% every single day – to make sure their children are safe, are healthy and happy and to know how loved they are. That’s what the best mothers do. I have such an amazing mother that my friends have adopted HER but what makes her so amazing to me is how hard she tries to learn from mistakes she has made over the years. Anyone who thinks they’ve done everything right is blind. It takes insight and humility and devotion to truly achieve greatness in anything. Mello is not perfect, she’s amazing. She has made mistakes and learned the benefits of owning them. Every moment she makes me proud because I know what she has been through and she continues to stand tall. The life we’re living has been hard and continues to challenge us every day but she keeps going. And she inspires me to want to get up every morning as well. If there was ever a person who deserved to be handed a million dollars so she could live easy into the future, it’s Mello. If there was ever a woman who should have had a dozen children just to share all of the love she carries inside, it’s Mello. If there was ever a parent who made me wish I had a child of my own, it’s my mom. 

I can only hope to be half the mother you are – and even on days when that doesn’t feel good enough, I’ll know that I’m doing pretty damn fantastic. 
Thank you for the good times, and even for the bad. 

Thank you for the love you gave, even when I made you mad. 

Thank you for the light you bring to some of my darkest days. 

Thank you for accepting me and all of my wacky ways. 

Thank you for meeting in the middle to hold my hand. 

Thank you holding me during the times I cannot stand. 

I love you more than you could know, more than there are ways to track.

I love you as big as the world, from here to the moon and back. 
Happy Mother’s Day, Mello. 

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