Like A Virgin…

Okay, so I had a million and one brilliant ideas for a first post that all related to my pretty fascinating weekend but, well… best laid plans, amirite?  Besides, I couldn’t think of a single song that represented the entirety of my 72 hours of chaos.  i leave that open as a challenge – come up with a song that makes you think of : wedding photography, a reunion of old friends, sneaking 13 year old cheerleaders into a karaoke bar and an echo-cardiogram.

I’ll wait.

I like music and often, I think in song lyrics, so it made perfect sense to me that I title my posts with songs that I connect to whatever I’m writing about or thinking about. And maybe that makes no sense at all but hey, my blog – my rules. Heh heh.

THIS is my first official post!  Yay me!  And you’re reading it.  Yay you!  And since i’m brand spanking new to blogging, I believe Madonna is the perfect way to kick off this journey.  “blogging for the very first time!”

Who doesn’t love Madonna?

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